Riku Yagami (八神 陸 , Yagami Riku) is one of the protagonists and a first-year student at the Honan Academy. Riku was seen to participate in several sport clubs, because of his speed, every club wanted him to join. Though he did agree, it was under the condition, that he could join other clubs too. Riku states, that he can handle every sport, with the exception of Kabaddi.

Appearance Edit


He has blond hair, that is bound together and ruby red eyes. Riku wears the Honan Academy uniform, which contains a black jacket, a red jumper, with a balck and a white streak on the end, a white shirt, black pants and white-red sport shoes.

The blazer he wears is white, with a blue thick and a red thin line on the shoulders, with a label of the Honan Academy. He has underneath the blazer, a red T-shirt. Riku wears black, short leggings and white shorts, lastly he wears white socks and shoes.

Personality Edit

Riku is a cheerful person, as it seems. He is seen to smile much and is nice to everyone. He appreciates kindness, as is seen in the first episode, when Sakurai Nana wishes the blood on his forehead handkerchief and Riku seemed to be excited and impressed about it. He gets easily scared, like when he saw Fujiwara Takeru gazing at him. In addition to that, he gives up easily when he realises the gap between him and his brother, Tomoe Yagami, and decided to give up stride in middle school. Riku likes to explore many various sports and has fun in the meantime